Quality Assurance in Jordan

Quality assurance is carried out by the aforementioned AQACHEI.[1]  The vision of the commission is to “elevate Higher Education Institutions to global competitiveness.”[2] 

Monitoring of programmes occurs twice per year and is done internally by the specific university’s quality department, which also conducts student satisfaction surveys. The QA unit looks into the course content and subsequently checks the quality from samples of students’ assessments.

While exchanges of staff and students are managed internally, programmes must be approved by the Ministry, the accreditation agency and the HE council. [3]

[1] AQACHEI: http://en.heac.org.jo/

[2] PPT by Dr Mohammad Othman: https://erasmus-plus.org.jo/Portals/0/Clivio%20Visit%20PPT/Sunday/03-%20Accreditation%20-%20Dr%20_%20Mohammad%20Othman.pdf?ver=bvIgaAfDl9sXuFthIQebdQ%3d%3d

[3] University of Jordan – Interview notes

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