Main areas of interest for Levantine HEIs

According to the responses to the PELIARQ project’s surveys and interviews, Levantine universities have an interest in developing cooperation primarily in relation to:

  • Digitalization and online learning
  • Qualification frameworks and accreditation procedures
  • Health education, pharmacy
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Business and finance
  • Art and humanities
  • Natural sciences
  • Employability and TVET programs
  • Engineering
  • Environmental studies, renewable energies, green transition

Priorities of Levantine HEIs for their internationalisation activities are:

  • the sharing of knowledge and advancement in research
  • mobility of students and staff
  • co-supervision of PhD students and joint post-doc programs
  • implementation of joint-degree and/or double diplomas with European HEIs
  • digitalization of education
  • interdisciplinary cooperation
  • cooperation with QA agencies in Europe

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